RADSAM Trade Inc. is have offered following comprehensive and integrated services to students, new comers and job seekers in three departments:


1.      Education services 

2.     Visa and Immigration services

3.      Employment services 

We would be so glad and proud to express that RADSAM is official representative of the most well-known Canadian educational institutions such as Humber and Sheridan Colleges for recruiting international students who are interested in studying in Canada

RADSAM departments:

 “RADSAM Trade Inc.” is the Canadian Federal Corporation (Registration # 9812148)

In addition, “RADSAM” is the Canadian qualified education consulting agency (Licence # CCG00388 SSG00389)

and legal agency of immigration consultant ICCRC # R409975 as wel.

Welcome to RADSAM official website, provider of education, immigration and employment specialized services.

Knowledge, experience, expertise and commitment of our professional team, are important factors of our success.

Important warning:

Before trusting the individuals or corporations, which introduce themselves as our agents/representatives, please contact us for validating them.

 Otherwise, we have no responsibility for any probability troubles.


We will be with you to achieve success and we would greatly appreciate for choosing RADSAM.

RADSAM competitive advantages and reasons that clients are choosing us:

We are respecting our colleagues (other education,immigration and employment agencies in the market) and appreciate their valuable efforts.

However, we believe that bellowing items are some of our competitive advantages and principle reasons for choosing us by clients:

-          Respecting to customer’s rights.

-          Professional work ethics, commitment, taking privacy and personal information care.

-          Trying to maintain and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty as the most valuable capital of any organizations.

-          High responsibility and commitment about client’s future and fate.

-          Providing the highest level of quality for requested services in the shortest possible time.

-          Establishing long-term friendship relations with clients after delivering services.

-          Having a knowledgeable, dedicated and experienced expertise’s in education, immigration and employment fields.

-          Offering affordable prices 

Granting RADSAM representative/agency:

 All over the World:

All valid corporations and educational institutions all over the world, who are interested in collaborating with RADSAM, could be able to send us their requests with legal documents, brief history and recruitment plan. click here to submit granting agency application form.

Our agents review committee consider requests and will contact eligible candidates within five business days.